Why the Makena Njeri LGBTQ push is dead in the water

Image: Makena Njeri

We all know Makena Njeri is a lesbian… Or is the currently politically correct term a tranny/ trans man? I don’t know anymore. All I know is that she is a woman who loves women and dresses like a man because she identifies as one regardless of what science says and it is only polite for me to refer to her as one if I subscribe to the currently prevalent socio-political zeitgeist emanating from America -which I don’t.

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See how complicated her being a lesbian is these days? She is a tomboy who identifies as a man and would prefer you use the pronouns he/him like we should ignore all the education my parents paid for inorder for me to graduate from the 8-4-4 system so I can preserve her feelings.

Makena Njeri

But this is not about that aspect of Makena Njeri. Instead, it is about the fact that she reached out to President Ruto following his interview with CNN where Christian Amanpour asked him about his stance on the subject.

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She tried to insert herself into the conversation after the fact for two real reasons; the first being because it directly affects her given her lifestyle and the gender dysphoria she clearly suffers from but also for clout.

Film and TV presenter, Makena Njeri

But you see, this isn’t nearly the time when this conversation is acceptable in Kenya. Why you ask? Because Kenya is not just a conservative nation but is also a Christian fundamentalist nation and the other large majority of Kenyans are conservative Muslims. None of these groups is inclined to listen favourably to anything Makena Njeri has to say on the topic. It’s dead in the water.

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Secondly, Ruto is a man whose entire political career has seen him align himself heavily with the church and his Christian faith. He wears it as a badge of honour and he will be damned if he appears to be sympathetic to what the Bible and Quran have proscribed as haram.

Makena Njeri

Hell, I doubt whether he would even entertain the idea on a personal level.

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So what options are open to Makena Njeri? Well, I would advise her and the other celebrities who have come out of the closet such as Chimano and Maxwell Mwamburi is for them to simply continue to live their lives as they have. Kenyans by and large do not care what you do behind the confines of your home. What they hate is for you to rub it in their faces.

Makena Njeri

But in addition to this, if they truly do want to effect any sort of societal change, then they need to borrow a leaf from gay Hollywood. Makena Njeri needs to wake up to the realisation that money is power. Period. They need to come together and start gathering financial power around themselves. This would allow them to first truly create their own spaces such as the places they live, shops they shop at and restaurants they patronize.

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This power can then be used to push not just political changes but also policies and culture. Do I want to see this? No. But this is how Makena Njeri can achieve her far-fetched goals. Until then, all she is doing is singing an opera for a very uninterested bull.

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