Why the Mishi Dorah allegations are troubling

Mishi Dorah has been sensationally accused of neglecting her children and that is something that has come as a shock to most seeing as how she made her children the main focus of her rant after her release from remand.

Nairobi Diaries Actress Mishi Dorah Accused Of Neglecting Her Children (Screenshot)

If you are unaware what I am referring to, it is the fact that she had her children taken from her when she was arrested for failing to pay a 150K bar tab she and her friends had incurred at Golden Ice Bistro.

Mishi Dora

Perhaps that was an idea that occurred to her inorder for her to gain our sympathy and who knows? Maybe she could very well be given some financial assistance. But who are Kenyans? They refused to allow Mishi Dorah to prosper so they exposed her.

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According to someone familiar with the situation, she hasn’t had her children for quite some time. She is a mother of 3 but her first child was given to that child’s father to raise while the other 2 children have been wards of the state for quite a while now.

We can’t really confirm whether or not this is true but the fact that this allegation has surfced is rather troubling. That is because Mishi Dorah has been taking about herself in the motherly capacity. She was even the maternal figure on Nairobi Diaries.

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To think that she might just be yet another simple representation of the worst of Nairobi girls is rather scary. It would mean that she is a a living, breathing representation of the saying that Nairobi girls will even abandon their babies inorder to party unencumbered.

Mishi Dora

It’s also equally troubling that this would indicate some sociopathic or even psychopathic tendencies on her part but seeing as she doesn’t exemplify high iQ, I would not exactly call Mishi Dorah a psychopath.

Now, imagine that she isn’t exactly an exception here in Nairobi. There are so many women just like her walking about in the streets and prancing in nightclubs. Scary isn’t it?

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