Why women like Amber Ray still post thirst traps

Amber Ray is not the type of woman to settle down. How do I know this? Simple deduction my dear Watson! She is currently in a relationship and still posting thirst traps? Why do you think that is the case? Well, it’s because she is still advertising her availability to any other suitors who might have more money than her current lover.

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After all, you and I both know she vets her lovers on the basis of money and little else. That’s also because only fools with more cents than sense would bother with a trollop like her. She is literally a walking billboard of the type of women any man with matter between his ears should avoid -except if you only want a fun time.

Amber Ray

You see, Amber Ray is not only a terrible choice for a wife but she is a real-life Jezebel. She is a man-eater and she is quite experienced in that role. Look at her victims, men like Zaheer Jhanda and Jimal Roho Safi. Their homes and families were almost ruined by her (perhaps in the latter’s case, the ruin was final).

Amber Ray- Amira Online Tiff Ignited As Amber Claps Back At Amira (Screenshot)

But Amber Ray is a rare breed; a woman who knows why men want to get with her. And she leverages this fact very well. That in and of itself is a sign of great intelligence. Street smarts if you will. This is a woman who has seen humiliation and she absorbed it and learned from it.

One of the lessons she doubtless took to heart was the fact that money answereth all. And so she has decided that while she still has the looks to attract many a simp, she will play them like fiddles and diddle them off their money, damned be the consequences.

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And these schmucks keep coming to her. Men like Zaheer, men like jimal and now her new man, Kennedy Rapudo. If she were smart, she’d turn this into a complete business for her and target men who want clout. That way, she can actually charge them for her time and platform. I mean, we witnessed Jimal Roho Safi get elevated from some unknown entity to a huge social media influencer and d-list celebrity! Such is the power of her clout. The same is currently at play for Kennedy.

But woe unto any man who would be harbouring the dream to make an honest woman of her. Because she is always scouring the horizon for the next financially established man. And when he pops up (even if it’s merely on her periphery), she will dumb you and move on. Why else do you think a woman who is currently spoken for is busy posting thirst traps on social media?

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