Will Prezzo really get Michelle Yola back? Here is a photo that suggests she has already moved on

Image: Michelle Yola

Prezzo of late ha been picking petty beef with rapper King Kaka and no one seems to pay attention to this. He could be creating hype for a new song but we are really tired of the games and unnecessary fight that will not bear any fruit at the end.

The rapper has alo been calling out Mustapha who is rumored to have shown some interest in Michelle Yola. Anyway Yola on the ¬†hand does not seem bothered with what her ex i currently doing a she recently shared a photo with Luwi from Nairobi diaries and from how he is holding her…looks like there is something the two are not telling us.

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Yola captioned the photo saying “UNBEWEAVABLE HAIR VIBES..@luwicapello Kaka Braza angalia nywele aisee” but we all know she had her reasons to upload the photo. She obviously knew her ex would see it and from the comment section, everyone was busy telling Luwi that Prezzo would shoot him.

Anyway checkout the photo below:

Michelle and Luwi
Michelle and Luwi

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