Willis Raburu Narrates How His Dreadlocks Almost Cost Him Lavish TV Job

Willis Raburu recently spoke about how his decision to get dreadlocks in 2020 was met with criticism from some people. He said that some people even asked his boss, SK Macharia, to fire him.

Raburu said that he was surprised by the reaction to his new hairstyle, as he had always wanted to have dreadlocks. He said that he was not worried about the criticism, as he knew that he was still doing his job well.

Raburu also said that his family and close friends were initially concerned about his hairstyle, but they eventually came to understand why he had it.

He said that he is glad that he did not let the criticism get to him, and that he is proud of his dreadlocks.
Luckily, Raburu said he got gigs even with the hairstyle and stayed with them for two years before cutting them. He also narrated how one of his ex-bosses told him he was not a serious brand for selling condoms and liquor on his 10Over10 show. Raburu said he questioned the boss on what value he added to the company, and he couldn’t say anything.

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