Willis Raburu’s ex wife flaunts her excellent dance skills for the first time (Video)

Image: The Raburus

Maryaprude has not had an easy year. Just like most married couples who broke up with their spouses; unfortunately she also separated with husband TV anchor Willis Raburu, 5 months after having a still birth.

With such trials we cannot understand or pretend to know the kind of pain she has had to put up with; but judging from her social media posts we can see that she has been taking each day as it comes!

Ex-couple, Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

So far Maryaprude has not only cut down her weight – but has for some reason continued to look beautiful. Prude is also an inspiration to many young women who admire her humble character and simple lifestyle.

A dancer too?

Apart from her usual videos shared on Instagram, the lass this past weekend gave fans a reason to talk thanks to a new video where she is seen showing off her dancing skills.

Although the moves are from popular application ‘Tik Tok’ this is the first time we are getting to see the lass shake and move to the beat. The video is also proves that she is slowly falling back to her old self after months of pain and tears behind closed doors!

Well…. if you thought that Willis ‘Bazu’ Raburu is the only one who can dance; then check out how good his ex wife can move.

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