Willis Raburu’s Exit from RMS: Four People Tapped to Replaced Him

Image: Mr Raburu aka Bazu

Willis Raburu left Royal Media Services (RMS) after 13 years of service. He hosted three TV shows and a radio show, and also read news on weekends.

In the wake of his exit, four people have been tapped to fill his shoes.

  • Serfine Achieng’ Ouma has been hosting the cooking show. She joined RMS in 2022, and moderated the Nairobi gubernatorial debate ahead of last year’s General Election.
  • Comedian Oga Obinna has been hosting the 10/10 show. He is a longtime friend of Raburu’s, and has been a guest on his show many times.
  • Isaac Swila Tijan has taken over the Sporty Monday show. He is a former Daily Nation sports journalist, and has been co-hosting the show with Raburu for several years.
  • Terry Muikamba has been hosting the Rythm Junction show. She was Raburu’s co-host on the show, and has been promoted to take over the full show.

Raburu has not yet announced his plans for the future. He said that he is taking a break from the media, but has not said whether he will return to broadcasting or pursue another career.

Willis Raburu’s Legacy

Willis Raburu was a popular and respected media personality. He was known for his engaging personality and his ability to connect with viewers. He hosted several successful shows, and was also a news anchor.

Raburu’s departure from RMS is a loss for the media industry. He was a talented and experienced broadcaster, and his absence will be felt. However, his legacy will live on through the many people he inspired and entertained.

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