Willy M Tuva extends help to Magix Enga

Recently, content creator Presenter Kai, gospel musician Bunny Asila, and media personality Willy M Tuva visited struggling but gifted music producer Magix Enga in Nakuru. The three went shopping and discovered Magix Enga with his two brothers, as shown in a touching YouTube video posted by Mseto East Africa.

The encouraging group created a good vibe throughout their visit by exchanging encouraging comments. Magix Enga’s performance of his soulful new song, “Mungu wangu,” which highlighted his unquestionable skill, was the video’s high point.

The group stated that they thought Magix Enga had the ability to improve his lot in life. Those surrounding Magix Enga nodded in agreement as he sang, and a few even joined in, evidently enjoying the flow of his song.

Later, Mzazi Willy M Tuva announced his decision to support Magix Enga on social media.

Tuva wrote on X, the former Twitter platform: “We went to see Magix Enga in his neighborhood in Nakuru on January 2nd with Bunny Asila. Our goal is to restore the magic of MAGIX.”

On December 24, Magix Enga posted a troubling picture of his swollen face on social media, which alarmed his followers.

The popular producer disclosed that he was the target of an attempted suicide by an unknown person in a startling statement that went along with the photo.

“Karibu niuliwe na hater hapa kwa streets God ako na mimi ❤️🙏🏿 tomorrow is another day we give thanks,”

Magix Enga withheld additional information regarding the occurrence, despite the seriousness of the circumstances. Magix Enga revealed to Nairobi News in October that he had to transfer his wife and child to live with his mother-in-law due to financial difficulties.

He noted that his difficult circumstances were made worse by the fact that many industry colleagues distanced themselves from him on the grounds that some of the artists he worked with had never paid him.

“I never signed a contract. That’s why I’m still struggling, as these artists don’t acknowledge my contributions to their work. At present, I can’t even provide for my family. It’s an incredibly tough situation, and I’ve had to send them away. I don’t want to see them struggle.”

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