Willy Paul and music producer Ilogos’ beef escalates, now takes the legal route

Image: Willy Paul and music producer Ilogos’ beef escalates, now takes the legal route

Willy Paul is now pressing charges against talented Kenyan music producer Ilogos after he pulled down his new track Collabo from YouTube over alleged fee arrears.

Collabo is a track the gospel-turned-secular artist released just last week, with only lucky fans able to view the music production before it went missing on YouTube.

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Later to turn out that the music producer who claimed rights to the production after the artist failed to pay up his dues was the one behind the pull down.

Ilogos music producer in legal battle with Willy Paul

The twists and turns

This morning, Pozze threatened to take drastic measures against the producer who he alleged had entered the country illegally. Further revealing that Ilogos is jealous because Pozze turned down an offer to work with him.

Following the backlash, Ilogos, has called out Pozze as a “small boy lacking education who he mentored from scratch and is now behaving all-grown after hitting fame”.

“Your brain is too small to pull a fight with me. Hauna hata Diploma, utawezana na mtu ako na 3 degrees? I will triple the price you owe me and you have 3 weeks to pay up or face the consequences,” Ilogos warned the artist.

According to Ilogos, Willy Paul owes him KSh180k. Something Pozze has come out to publicly deny, attesting that it is after he decided to add Teddy B to the music production, Ilogos became envious and unreasonably pulled down the track from YouTube.

Willy Paul had given Ilogos enough time to ‘behave’ and his time has lapsed, now taking legal action against him.

Willly Paul presses legal charges against Ilogos

Ilogos has hit back at the artist, warning him to tread carefully because he has all the evidence at hand to prove him wrong.

“You uploaded my tracks without my permission then you wanna say you no longer interested? Enda hoteli ukule kwanza…” he advised Willy Paul.

Lets see how it goes down.

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