Wueh! YouTuber GK Nyambura says she visited ex boyfriend at 3Am to collect her clothes

Youtuber GK Nyambura gained fame after Covid -19 outbreak thanks to her videos that focused on mental health among other issues the new age kids were dealing with during the pandemic period. She slowly moved from sharing positive vibes to exposing her private life through her social media pages.

Back in January 2022, Nyambura was involved in a nasty scandal with boyfriend OnlyOmoke, an upcoming video Director who she accused of cheating on her.

Apart from his cheating ways, GK Nyambura  also revealed her ex man had infected her with an unnamed STI – just to show how bad things were in the relationship.

Tbt: Nyambura exposes ex, Omoke

However despite the cheating scandal (in January) it appears they got back together which brings us to their latest morning scandal.

Omoke exposes on and off girlfriend

Well, the new videos circulating on social media were shared by Omoke who accuses Nyambura of pulling up at his apartment on Thursday 9th… get this at 3AM. Yaaani saa tisa usiku after a girls night out.

Well I am thinking, there’s only two reasons why a lady would want to show up at an exes place at that time. For makeup s*x or  just drank s*x.

I know Most of y’all can relate – let’s not act like we haven’t come across that crazy ex or maybe you’re the crazy ex.


Nyambura shares side of the story

Judging from the videos, netizens believe Nyambura had other intentions for the late night visit; but problem is, she pulled up with her girlfriends yet Dzaddy (Omoke) thought she was coming over alone. Gurls!

I mean if you were Omoke and your girl visits you with her drunk friends – who probably insulted or even worse trash talked about you as you listen and still want to trash your house…wouldn’t you record to prove you’re not the problem but she is? We all would.

Ukweli, remember she’s the same lady who once accused him of infecting her with STI’s and bedding multiple partners…comes back and after kidogo kidogo relationship issues – she brings drama to your door step?

Anyway despite the young Omoke trying to prove his ex was dramatic – Nyambura now says she went over to pick her clothes. At 3AM?

(Let me think, mmmh if I was drunk and the ex i am accusing of physically abusing me had my stuff mmmmh….would I really want to go to his place in that state – not forgetting the 3AM cold? Mmmmh sioni, unless there’s more to the visit.)

Anyway according to Nyambura, her ex man is lying about the whole drama and the only reason he got to record her is because the gate man refused to let them out of the gate – hence forcing her and friends to stay in the parking lot. Mmmh Nyambura….mmmh. She wrote;

Picking up my clothes is legal. Thank you very much.

Not that we are taking sides….but come on…someone’s not being truthful. Or we just blame it on the alcohol and love,lust,or Nairobi cold season…?


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