“You are no longer in pain, and never will you be,” Ruth Matete pays glowing tribute to late husband in emotional send-off (Video)

After a long wait, Ruth Matete was finally able to grant her late husband a deserving send-off but sad memories of his last days, relived in her once more and she could not help but let the tears flow.

In a touching tribute, Ruth recalled their dreams together, dreams to grow a family, dreams to hold each other’s hands during their old age, but unfortunately, dreams that never got to see the light of day.

In a quick flashback, the singer vividly recalled how Apewajoye’s fatal accident struck just as they had started their days of fasting.

On the third day of praying, the accident happened. My love, I had not seen it coming. I was confident that God would heal you and bring you back to me.

Ruth Matete with Belovedjohn Apewajoye

But Matete never gave up, she took up the mantle and said this one prayer to God:

Give him a new skin, a new set of kidneys and heal into every part of his body.

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Fateful night

Saturday, after seeing her husband in hospital, Ruth felt a strange coldness in her body all of a sudden. But she dismissed it – assuming it was just probably due to the day’s fatigue.

Unfortunately, that was a sign.

Now I know you were saying goodbye. I went home to sleep and the next day I received a call from the hospital at around 6 am, that I was needed at the hospital. I knew right there…

Gospel singer, Ruth Matete

For the expectant mother, she had made one prayer; that Belovedjohn would come back home to her, fully recovered.

At first I thought God was so unfair but later on I remembered my prayer to God “to heal you completely, to take away the pain and to resurrect with you”. I did mean it that way! Did I pray the wrong prayer? I will never know.

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Singer, Ruth Matete and Belovedjohn Apewajoye

A mistake she made or not, Ruth is at peace knowing that one way or the other, her husband is in a good place.

It might not be the answer I expected or wanted, but it sure is what I asked for. You are no longer in pain and never ever will you be. I know you are happy where you are, even if I asked you to come back to me, you wouldn’t want to.

May his soul indeed rest in peace!


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