YY Comedian: “Christianity is man-made”

YY the comedian was recently on the mic cheque podcast where he was speaking about religion and African spirituality. He gave his opinion on the topic of Christianity which has recently become a heated debate given how pastors have been going viral for all manner of publicity stunts. YY asserted that he was a Believer in God but he believes Christianity itself is man made. 


“Christianity is man-made because God is not a god of contradictions. So he won’t say you do this like this but you do this like this.”


He brought up the topic of colonization which is also a big point in religious debates in Kenya


“If you look at history, when we talk about colonization and everything and we are asked what are some of the effects?  Some of the effects are that Christianity emerged.”Are those people going to perish? They are not. So that means that without Christianity there is still a way that you can still worship and get the thing that you want.” 


You can see the full debate in the video below:

What do you think of YY’s  views? He appears to be a spiritual person who believes in a higher power,  just not the god of Christianity.  The religious debate has been heating up in Kenya with Harrison Momanyi,  the chairman of  the Atheist Society of Kenya,  recently attending a Prayer breakfast held by President William Ruto


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