YY Comedian Opens Up On His Emotional Journey Behind The Laughter (Video)

Kenyan comedian YY recently offered a raw and personal look at his rise to fame, revealing the struggles that fueled his determination. In a candid interview, he spoke about the challenges of pursuing comedy, particularly the initial skepticism from his own family.

Proving Doubters Wrong

YY shared how a particular comment from his uncle, who doubted his comedic potential, became a turning point. The comedian revealed walking out of a family meeting, vowing to silence his doubters.

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Driven by Family

Determined to succeed, YY described a personal mission: to not only achieve his dream but also to improve his mother’s life. He spoke about the emotional toll of criticism, but his unwavering motivation stemmed from a desire to see his mother respected and to ease her burdens.

Emotional Core of Success

This interview sheds light on the emotional core that often drives artistic success. Beyond the laughs and entertainment, YY’s story highlights the power of personal convictions and the motivation family can provide.

Watch his full interview below;

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