Zari celebrates her husband and son’s birthdays

Tanzanian socialite Zari Hassan is overjoyed as her husband, Shakib Cham, and her son with singer Diamond Platnumz, Nillan, celebrate their birthdays.

Zari took to social media to share a photo of Shakib and Nillan alongside a heartfelt message: “Help me wish a happy birthday to my husband and son. May the Almighty make all your wishes come true.”

Shakib also expressed his gratitude to his fans and well-wishers on his birthday, writing: “I am overwhelmed by the amount of love I’m receiving. Thank you for making the time out to wish me a happy day.”

The dual birthdays have brought double the joy for Zari and her family, filling their home with love and celebration. Zari’s message highlights the strong bond she shares with her husband and son, while Shakib’s appreciation for his fans underscores the support he receives from his followers.

We wish Shakib and Nillan a very happy birthday filled with blessings, laughter, and cherished moments.

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