Zari discusses having children with Shakib and discloses his income source.

Ugandan socialite and businesswoman, Zari Hassan, recently shed light on her husband Shakib Lutayaa’s professional endeavors, dispelling rumors about his employment status simply because he often accompanies her.

In an interview, the mother of five shared insights into their marriage and addressed speculation about Shakib’s occupation. Zari clarified that he is involved in the car sales business and various other ventures, emphasizing that he indeed has his own work commitments.

“His frequent presence with me doesn’t mean he’s unemployed. He has his own ventures, just like I do. I leave my work for him too. Many people don’t know that my husband sells cars and engages in other business activities. It’s easy for them to jump to conclusions,” she explained.

When asked about their plans for expanding their family, Zari revealed that they are actively considering having a child together.

“Yes, we are planning to have a baby. We’re excited about the prospect of growing our family. Maybe we’ll even have two, but for now, we’re focused on welcoming our first child together,” she expressed.

Regarding her relationship with Diamond’s other children’s mothers, Zari clarified that she maintains communication with some of them, particularly Zuchu and Natasha Donna, for the sake of their children’s well-being.

Zari emphasized the importance of fostering cordial relationships to ensure a harmonious environment for their kids. She revealed that she even reaches out to Zuchu when her children visit Tanzania, acknowledging Zuchu’s kindness and willingness to facilitate their interactions.

“People often assume that I don’t communicate with Diamond’s other women. I do speak with Mama NJ and Zuchu. Even when the children visit Tanzania, I reach out to Zuchu instead of Diamond. Zuchu is very kind, and if I don’t communicate with her and if she’s the one who has my children there, what will I be doing?” Zari stated, underscoring the importance of maintaining positive connections for the sake of their shared children.

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