Zari has finally understood what co-parenting is about

Image: Zari Hassan talks getting back with Diamond Platnumz and ditching King Bae (Video)

Zari Hassan has stopped being a difficult mother and co-parenting partner to Diamond Platnumz and now it seems they get along swimmingly. I am of the opinion this was only ever possible since she stopped competing with her ex/ nemesis.

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And indeed, I am vindicated when we look at her habit patterns and see that when she realized she needed to let go of her childish obsession and competition with Mondi and things only got better when she found herself a man who seems to make her complete.

Zari with her new man

And now, the morn has arrived to greet us with news that Diamond Platnumz went to South Africa to visit Zari and his two children by her. And the welcome he received was heartwarming to witness as we watched his daughter and son rush over to his taxi to excitedly greet their father.

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I am a proponent of having a father in children’s lives in whatever capacity (aslong as they aren’t criminals or abusive) and this really puts a smile on your face because for once, I want to be at the forefront of giving Zari her bouquet.

Zari posting thirst traps on social media

The truth of the matter is that even though our guy is not exactly an example of responsibility, his presence in his children’s lives will actually afford them some advantages they wouldn’t have otherwise. And you don’t have to stretch your imagination to understand that the bare minimum of this is his connections and networks.

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Zari has given her children the best possible gift she can with their father: his love and to our children, time spent with them is what equates to love. And we have to actually emulate what she is doing because a lot of women argue that their baby daddies are unavailable because of one reason or another. Can you imagine how much more extreme the case is for the pair of them?

Zari chilling by the pool with Diamond’s daughter, Tiffah

Diamond is a high flying superstar at the zenith of his career so he is always jetting about for his performances but she is trying to do her best to allow him to see the kids when the opportunities arise.

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Zari last came to Tanzania and now it is Mondi’s time to go to South Africa and we love it. the children know who they are and are being allowed to understand the other half of their culture and this will doubtless gibve them the dignity with which they can face the complexities of life and for that, Zari deserves three cheers.

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