Zari found a replacement! Meet the man who is now raising Diamond’s kids as his own (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz has been away from his children for several months, someone surely had to step in to be the father figure to his children.

Zari Hassan and Diamond parted ways on February 14th 2018 because of the singer’s infidelity. Zari said she would continue to co-parent with Diamond but the singer has been too busy of late.

It has been several months since he last traveled to South Africa to see his children Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan who stay there with their mother.

The father figure

Zari’s own brother Ting Dis has stepped in to be the father figure to Diamond’s children, especially his son Prince Nillan. Ting Dis is involved in every aspect of Nillan’s life.

He always hangs out with the kid and spends quality time with him, seeing their photos together you would easily think he is the kid’s father.

Zari’s brother even at times refers Nillan as his own son on his photo captions. Take a look at the photos below:







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