Zari Hassan Sets Record Straight On Husband Shakib’s Hustle & Her Relationship With Diamond’s Baby Mamas

Socialite Zari Hassan cleared the air about her husband Shakib Lutayaa’s career and her interactions with Diamond Platnumz’s other baby mamas.

Shakib – More Than Just a Supportive Spouse

Many questioned Shakib’s profession due to his frequent presence at Zari’s events. She shut down rumors of him being unemployed, revealing that he’s in the car sales business with other ventures. Zari highlighted their strong partnership, emphasizing how Shakib supports her career and readily accompanies her on work trips.

“Hiyo haimaanishi hana kazi. Ana kazi zake, hata mimi nina kazi zangu mi huacha. Kwa watu wengi hawajui mume wangu anauza gari na zile vitu ndio rahisi sana kusema leo namwachia mtu,” she said.

Addressing Relationship with Diamond’s Baby Mamas

Zari clarified that she communicates with some of Diamond’s other baby mamas, particularly Zuchu and Natasha Donna, for the sake of their children. She prioritizes cordial relations to ensure the well-being of her kids. Zari explained that she even reaches out to Zuchu when her children visit Tanzania, emphasizing Zuchu’s kindness.

“People often assume that I don’t communicate with Diamond’s other women. I do speak with Mama NJ and Zuchu. Even when the children visit Tanzania, I reach out to Zuchu instead of Diamond. Zuchu is very kind, and if I don’t communicate with her and if she’s the one who has my children there, what will I be doing?” Zari stated.

The two have had their ups & downs in their relationship. But they have thrived despite their huge age difference.


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