Zuchu has the last laugh on Harmonize after the recent feud with a new list

The ongoing feud between Zuchu and Harmonize, sparked by the latter’s mockery of Zuchu’s reported split from Diamond Platnumz, shows no signs of simmering down.

The tension escalated on social media as both artists engaged in a public exchange of verbal jabs.


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However, recent developments suggest that Zuchu may have gained the upper hand. She shared a list of the most-watched Tanzanian artists in April, where Harmonize ranked fourth after Diamond Platnumz, Rayvanny, and herself in third place.

Seizing the opportunity, Zuchu humorously referred to Harmonize as “Kistulii, ah” (a playful jab implying someone of short stature), alongside a screenshot of the list.

Previously, Harmonize had dismissed Zuchu’s reported breakup with Diamond Platnumz, which stemmed from Diamond introducing his ex-girlfriend during a recent event.

Expressing her frustration, Zuchu took to social media to address the disrespect she felt. She stated on Instagram stories, “I understand that being a public figure means being talked about, but spreading lies to favor your boss who owns the radio station, especially when you could have reached out to hear my side of the story for balance.”


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She further elaborated, “This is precisely why I decided to leave. I grew tired of being disrespected by people close to him, even though he was the cause of it.”

Zuchu criticized those discussing her split from Diamond without acknowledging the underlying reasons behind it. She stressed the importance of addressing Diamond’s actions towards her instead of solely focusing on her own decisions.

In conclusion, she stated, “Let me depart with my dignity intact. Instead of fixating on me, why don’t you expose what the person who drove me away did? If baby mamas bring their issues, they pin it on Zuchu. Ex-girlfriends I’ve never even met are using my name for their content… I’m over it.”

Subsequently, Diamond unfollowed Zuchu on Instagram, signaling further tension in the ongoing saga.

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