Zuchu Thrilled as Chris Brown Acknowledges Diamond Platnumz

Zuchu, a protege of Diamond Platnumz, expressed her excitement after American R&B star Chris Brown participated in a dance challenge to her hit song ‘Komasava’ (Comment Ca Va).

In her message, Zuchu emphasized the significance of this recognition.

“We can’t act like this is not a big deal. Well, this is indeed a big deal not only for Diamond Platnumz but for the entire Swahili nation and Africa as a whole. The flag of our industry has been raised today @diamondplatnumz continues to make our nation proud and walk with pride. Komasavaa to the world @chrisbrownofficial, our nation and Africa as a whole will always respect you for representing our culture so beautifully MR BROWN. OUR TIME IS COMING 🇹🇿❤️.”

The song features Khalil Harisson and Chley, and its lyric video has garnered over 2.7 million views on YouTube.

Fans also shared their congratulatory messages:

Sossuun: This is huge!

Goodmaster255: Some people are still debating 😂

Yanah Theebeuty: At this point, Chris Brown is an African.

Walibora: Chris Brown is and will always be the greatest artist of all time 🔥

Shamy84: @chrisbrownofficial, we are now looking for a Swahili name for you, guys give suggestions.

ZigiZagaTz: GOD IS GREAT, God gives a person a place at his own time. Congratulations @diamondplatnumz 🤴🤍🤍👸 King @officialzuchu 🙌🙌🙌 King of Bongo Afro music.

Rahim Timo: Grammy award loading………….May Allah bless Diamond Platnumz, keep shining, I am even emotional 😭 congratulations 👏

Ms sarah: Congratulations to Simba👏🔥. You make us proud 💪

Young Kacha: It’s not even about “OUR TIME IS COMING” Zuchu, but our time has already been here from the beginning because even those we see leading were afraid of us when they started, and even now they know that there are some things we can fix, especially unity and working as a team as one nation, we will surpass them greatly. So the time has been here from the beginning, but there are things we need to start fixing starting with loving one another. We know ourselves very well, so we just don’t love

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