Zzero Sufuri is back with ‘Intentions’ and it’s the best thing you’ll hear today (Video)

Image: Zzero Sufuri

It seems Zzero Sufuri is hellbent on changing his sound in 2020 because days after he dropped Maria, he’s back with a new jam that is also quite different.

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Dubbed Intentions, this track is about informing a girl that he is eyeing what his plans with her are. He says he wants to take her to church and they will head out to smoke a blunt.

Zzero Sufuri
Zzero Sufuri

Later on, he will take her back home for another service because he has heard that she has a problem with her cervix – which is the lower part uterus – and if you are not a prude then I’m sure you know what this means.

I have been listening to this track on repeat since it was released a few days ago and every time I play it, it’s like I am hearing if for the first time.

Actually, as I was listening to it I was smiling the whole time because Zzero Sufuri’s creativity is on another level. He is one of a kind and a bad ass lyricist.

The Zimenishika hitmaker has some dope wordplay, the kind that leaves you scratching your head as you try to make sense of what he has just said.

Zzero Sufuri

For instance the verse where he says, “After service, twende nikufanyie service, naskia uko na shida kwa cervix, girl I know you deserve this, to be perfect inafaa tukuwe tukiprcatice.” Can we all give him a standing ovation for this?

The other thing that Zzero has proven in this song is that he can also sing his heart out and to add to that, he is doing it in English.  That hook is totally fire ladies and gentlemen.

Notably, the producer, Brayo K Wise, also did a good job on the beat. Actually, I totally love the fact that Zzero Sufuri is working with a different producer this year. That way, he is able to explore different sounds.

Listen to Intentions below and tell us what you think.

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