Nigerian Rap Kings Ends Brewing Beef

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Following M.I’s interview with Pulse TV, Vector has taken to Instagram to state his displeasure at the manner which M.I answered questions as regards why he and Vector never rapped together.

Reacting to the interview, Vector took to his IG page to tell how M.I have contacted him on a project and bailed on him. He also disclosed that he was supposed to be on the remix of Kingkong but he probably got too busy.

”…let me make this clear, sixteen bars is nothing, I’m not the type to involve in fake talks so yeah, you said and I quote, ”I am the guy who wants to Rap with everybody” okay then, lets Rap”. Vector wrote.

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M.I in a reply asked why the post had to go public and not done in a private chat. Vector replied that M.I spoke about the issue in a public domain like he didn’t know why they haven’t dropped a record together. ”I am real to the core champ, and you know” he said, ”I took you to Lafiaji too gee, we made jokes of the boys who almost shit their pants in the hood. Lets not make this a big deal, it’s not personal, let’s rap if we will and let’s not act like we will if we wont. it’s all love. I wish you success on the album”.

M.I in his response said he did not understand Vector’s intention in the video he posted and the comments that followed. He wrote: ”…let me address the supposition that in some way I have avoided doing a song with you. You and I first Rapped across from each other in 2007 at Wapi in Ikoyi and since that time, my respect for your talent has remained the same. There is no explanation (not even the two song ideas exchanged between you and I) that you and I can offer that will properly explain why this hasn’t happened… which again is the statement I made. Maybe you interpret that to mean I’m suggesting that you have avoided it, I’m not…”

The rapper (M.I) noted that they have both being on songs together but they just haven’t created any together. He said he regrets any slight perceived and suggested that they have the rest of the discussion offline.

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