Touching! Read the Poem Tosyn Bucknor Wrote, Predicting her Own Death

Though Tosyn Bucknor may have lived a short life, her days on earth were well spent and even in death, she continues to touch lives with her amazing story.

As one with the knowledge of the possibility to drop dead anytime, due to the sickle cell anemia, Tosyn led a happy life, filled with colours. In several ways, she has been able to extend these colours to others through the air waves and personally. No wonder, she was called the ‘Voice of Lagos’.

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Though many may have known very little about her, her death brings to the fore, the embodiment of beauty that was Tosyn.

It however, seems like the OAP was well prepared for her own death. Sadly, her friends, fans, family and loved ones were not as prepared as she was.

Tosyn Bucknor says no one should cry for her.

In this poem written by her at a time when her heart still beats, she predicted the possibility of herself lying cold, with only her deeds to speak for her.

When the time comes, Tosyn Bucknor, says no one should cry for her. Shed tears for yourselves, she said as she was created to be a voice.


‘’I look into the future and see me cease,

I feel no fear, my face won’t even cease  

‘’My steps on this earth, a testament to life

Leaving this place filled with strife  

‘’Don’t cry for me, shed tears for yourself

For each date you acquire gives you a little less.  

‘’Now I know why I live the way I do

And why my mistakes, no second look

‘’If I live my life according to their pace

What’s my price in life’s meaningless race?  ‘

’Too much odds stacked against this fierce soul,

So each hour, all I do is attain my goals  

‘’Spent a lot of days searching for purpose,

Then I put my thoughts into poetry and prose  

‘’This is why I was put in this world,

Be a voice, put emotions in words  

‘’For every tear I shed and times my eye smiled,

Someone will have known every option I tried.  ‘

’This cowardly heart felt fear not death P

Prize I’ve earned since my birth  

‘’My vow to leave a lasting voice after I was

Find a loyal number to keep fighting my cause  

‘’Here lies she who lived short but well

No regrets for her, but all her story tell”.

The strength of a warrior isn’t marked by how long he stayed on the battle field but by how well he did. Tosyn Bucknor’s time, though short was well spent. The angels will rejoice at the welcome of this fighter.

Rest, therefore, for you have fought a good fight.

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Omaku Josephine

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