How Crazy Kennar is banking on celebrity status

Crazy Kennar is one of the new age of celebrities who has been created organically. He hasn’t received any mainstream or legacy media support, instead, growing through shares of his Instagram and TikTok videos which would often go viral.

And it speaks to the evolution of fame and popularity as now celebrities do not need a co-sign from industry gatekeepers or from traditional media. Instead, they connect directly to their audience and give them content we can relate to that would probably not have the slightest chance in hell of being shown on TV.

But, even as he makes his money, one thing Crazy Kennar seems all too aware of is the fact that he doesn’t want to go the way of a lot of Kenyan celebrities who fail to make hay while the sun shines. As a result, they often end up begging Kenyans to bail them out from financial constraints.

Crazy Kennar has set himself up to not only make hay while the sun shines but to also continue to do so even long after his star has stopped shining brightly. What do I mean? Well, he has gone the entrepreneurial route and has set up a fast-food eatery.

The eatery was launched on May 25th, 2021 and is located at Juja Square. But that is actually just the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey. No, really, anyone who has been around businesspeople or actually gotten involved in running a business knows that this is merely the starting line.

Crazy Kennar now has to actually manage the business and ensure it not only remains afloat but makes a profit. Sounds simple enough on paper but this also includes managing different personality types and ensuring they work harmoniously enough with each other to not jeopardise your investment.

Then there is the logistical part of ensuring he gets all the ingredients he needs to make the most popular meals at his eatery: he needs to get the potatoes at the best price and they arrive at his eatery early enough for him to make chips. He needs to get chicken the same way. That way, if these two ingredients go into making the most popular dishes he sells, he always has them.


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