Kenya Power Rolls out Free Prepaid Meter Update Exercise targeting 7.4M Meters

All customers on Kenya Power’s prepaid meters (token) will be required to update their meters to enable them to continue enjoying access to electricity.

The update is part of an ongoing global exercise that targets all prepaid meters that use the Standard Transfer Specification (STS) – a universal method to transfer tokens to prepaid meters that ensures the security of generated tokens.

To recharge a prepaid meter, a customer enters a unique 20-digit number token. This token has a unique value called Token Identifier (TID).

The TID is a critical element that is found in STS-compliant meters that pinpoints the date and time of token generation.

The Token Identifier (TID) also helps the meter to distinguish a specific token number to determine whether to accept or reject it. All utilities such as Kenya power are required to update their meters for them to continue accepting tokens.

Kenya Power’s Managing Director & CEO, Dr. (Eng.) Joseph Siror during the launch of the exercise.

Speaking during the launch, Kenya Power’s Managing Director & CEO, Dr. (Eng.) Joseph Siror said;

“A total of 7.4 million prepaid meters are targeted for this exercise. All prepaid meters that will not have been updated by the deadline date will stop accepting the tokens.

Because of this, we have put in place elaborate measures to ensure that all our customers are fully assisted in updating their meters to continue to enjoy our services.”

In this regard, Kenya Power has launched a media campaign dubbed ‘Update Token Meter Yako’, targeting all its prepaid customers.

The campaign seeks to provide all the necessary information about the exercise to the targeted customers to enable them to update their meters as soon as they receive the message from Kenya Power prompting them to do so.
Customers will receive 2 codes from Kenya Power via SMS.

The first SMS is the ‘Reset Code’ and the second SMS is the ‘Update Code’.

The Managing Director further added:

Customers will receive two codes from Kenya Power when they purchase tokens. They will be required to key the codes to their meter following the steps indicated in the SMS before loading the new token.

In other instances, the Company will send the codes directly to the customers who haven’t purchased tokens to notify them to update their meters. The process is simple and free.”

The update will not impact existing tokens that are already loaded into the meter.

However, customers are advised to load any unutilized tokens before updating their meters as failure to do so will render them invalid.

KPLC customers update their meters during the launch of the exercise.

In addition to the spirited media campaign, the Company will hold engagements with critical stakeholders and consumer organisations to inform them of the exercise and ensure that all prepaid meters are updated.

The Company will closely monitor the exercise to identify and address emerging issues.

In an effort to curb the possibility of fraud, Kenya Power wishes to inform their customers that the exercise will be free.

The deadline for the update of all STS-compliant meters across the world is 24th November 2024.

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