Njeri Gathecha: Why Former Governor William Kabogo is After My Family

My name is Njeri. I’m married to William Gathecha. We have always had an ambitious goal to own a house.

Other than raise our large family, the house had to be in a serene area as it’d be our retirement home. We have spent decades actively working towards this dream.

In 2021, we learnt of Iguta Paradise Homes, a housing development in Runda, along Kiambu Road. It consists of 4-bedroom units sitting on a 1/4 acre of land.

Mrs. Njeri Gathecha facing harassment in a house-ownership row with former Governor William Kabogo (file image)

The investment is owned by former Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo.

We made the booking, paid relevant deposits and later completed the payments. Due to the excitement of achieving home ownership – we were the first clients to move in – even before completion of the houses.

Over the years, we have enjoyed a cordial personal and business relations with former governor William Kabogo – so it did not raise alarm for the delay in the processing of the lease.

Around this time, my husband Gathecha was elected Chairman of the Iguta Residents Association.

Our house overlooks a natural pond – which, as the development continued – revealed a stunning lake view which had not occurred to the owner before the construction begun.

It is for this reason that former governor William Kabogo developed malicious interest to repossess our house.

On 31st October 2023, the first of many incidences occurred in the systemic abuse, harassment, intimidation and outright violence to make us vacate.

The first was triggered by a fumigation exercise – no notice was issued – which endagered my children, staff and pets. I received calls that dangerous chemicals were being sprayed all over the property.

My husband Gathecha reached out to Kabogo with an inquiry. The response was hostile. On this date, my husband was seriously assaulted by Kabogo and his bodyguards.

My husband made a report at Kiambu Police Station, OB54/31/10/23.

Earlier this year, when the rains came – the entire estate experienced frequent power outages and backup generators kicked in – excluding our house.

My husband made numerous enquiries to get power in vain. It hit hard, as we are housing an elderly parent who needs power due to an oxygen machine.

Frustrated, my husband installed a generator. This attracted further animosity from William Kabogo, insisting that it affected the estate’s power connections. He upped harassment on my family, and staff.

An image of a 4-bedroom house unit listed for rent or sale at Iguta Paradise Homes (file image)

On 11th May 2024, my husband had to make a second report at Kiambu Police Station (OB17/11/5/2024) for oral threats against my family and unlawful detention of my staff.

In both cases, no action was taken by the police.

Over the last few weeks, before the altercation that finally broke online – we have been subjected to harassment by security guards.

We have endured unnecessary searches at entrance points, no deliveries can be made to the house, and so on.

The former governor is keen to repossess the house, and due to the danger it exposes my family – we have continually asked him to refund the cost of the house at current market price.

My husband William has also resigned his position in the Iguta Paradise Homes Resident’s Association.

I’d wish to make the incidences known to the public – the harassment and the danger to my family – incase it get’s worse.

The former governor William Kabogo is influencing the local law enforcement – no action has been taken despite numerous reports at Kiambu Police Station.

I’m seeking justice.

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