Pesacrash: Betting Game Stirs Market with Flexible Odds and Instant Wins!

Pesacrash has caused ripples of excitement in the gaming sector with the innovative model that guarantees a win every 10 seconds.

Hey, you no longer have to wait an agonizing 90 minutes to win!

Besides, Pesacrash allows freedom to pick your own odds. This can be any odds from 1.01 to 3,000.

It gets better: It’s possible to Cash Out even before the bet settles.

Incredibly, you can make over Ksh30,000 in less than 10 seconds from a Ksh10 stake!

If you are engaged with other stuff, Pesacrash has an option to activate Auto Bet.

Unapata ume win pesa tayari!

How to Register

  • Proceed to
  • Register/Login
  • Add your phone number
  • Create your username
  • Register and wait for a confirmation message via SMS
  • Access the site

How to Play

  • Enter your preferred bet amount
  • Click BET.
  • Once the graph starts rising, click on Cashout @ x to cash out manually.
  • If the graph busts before you cash out, try again.

Note: You can select an “Auto Cashout (x)” value that lets the system cash out for you automatically.

Important Gaming Terms to Learn about Pesacrash

Bet Amount
This is the amount you want to Bet with, e.g. Ksh10, Ksh100, Ksh500, Ksh800.

You can also bet with Pesacrash Bonus and assorted Free Bets

Cashout At

This is optional.

The system cashes out for you automatically, e.g. 3.89.

If left empty, you will cash out manually.


This is the amount you make above your Stake

Win Chance

This is the probability of winning in relation to the Auto Cashout value.

How to Deposit to PesaCrash Account
(Option 1)

  • Navigate to the “Deposit” tab
  • Click on deposit.
  • Enter the Amount and click on Lipa Na M-Pesa Online to wait for a prompt message.
  • Enter password

(Option 2)

  • Open M-Pesa on your phone
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Enter business number – 290060
  • Enter Account Number (Your phone number)
  • Enter Amount e.g. 500
  • Enter your Pin and click send

How to Verify your Deposit

It is fast and easy to verify your deposit using the M-Pesa code.

  • Enter the M-Pesa code
  • Click ‘Verify Deposit’

How to Withdraw Winnings
Kindly note that 20% of your winning amount is subject to Withholding Tax as dictated by the Income Tax Act.

  • Navigate to the ‘Withdraw’ tab.
  • Enter Amount

Chance to Refer & Earn on Pesacrash
Every new referral gives you a chance to earn 2% off every deposit they make on their accounts.

  • Navigate to the Referral Link tab
  • Click on Copy link.
  • Share the referral link.

For any assistance, reach out to Pesacrash on Number: 0111 013 100

Gaming can be addictive and not recommended for persons under 18 years.

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