The three kinds of people that the irritating morning alarm brings out!

It’s a simple thing, really, but nothing defines personality better than the sound of the wake-up alarm.

Human beings are wired differently.

The morning alarm sound evokes feelings and temperaments. It’s at this moment that the day’s mood is set – and, largely, general life enthusiasm.

Case study: An important meeting at 0700hrs. The alarm is set for 0500 hrs.

There are three kinds of people:

  • The first kind of people will spring out of bed like it’s infested with soldier ants.

Herein lies the ambitious lot. This is the kind that will have four gigs happening in a single day. Someone will be in college, attending morning classes, then a regular job as a babysitter in the afternoon. In the evening, they will freelance as a karaoke host or resident DJ at the local pub.

All this while, they are supervising sibling’s homework at home, regular volunteers at the local orphanage and running a home-based charity foundation named after a deceased grandparent.

This lot has endless energy, and has little time to spare for life essentials, like dating, or clubbing. Their single ambition in life is to be successful and tag along their entire clan.

This group’s standard dress is smart khaki trousers and fitting shirts, checked or plaid.

  • The second kind will turn around, feel for the phone in limbo – eyes closed – and hit the snooze button.

Well, in this group, lies a significant section of the world’s problems. This group of humanity is content with their status quo.

Not attain the cut-off point for entry to campus? Daddy will pay for my parallel degree. No offense, but lots of modern day Kevoh’s and Brayo’s are smack in this category.

They’ll gladly use rent money to re-subscribe cable and internet. After all, the landlord is a long-time family friend. They do not shop for groceries: they take weekly trips to their homes and raid their parent’s pantry.

This group’s biggest personal asset is their smart phones. How else will they follow the latest Insta-trends and who’s who getting married or linked to the latest socialite?

After hitting the snooze, Brayo will subsequently re-hit it till its 10 minutes to the appointment time. Then, it doesn’t really make sense: No sleep has been gained for the entire snoozing time.

  • The third kind of person will seek to reset, not just the time, but, all other rules.

This person has the same meeting at 0700 hrs, but sets the alarm for 0645 hrs.

Here lies the smartest, up-worldly class of people. They are organized, though at first glance, it seems unlikely.

They have articulate plans for everything.

Clothes are laid out, breakfast is skipped, transport arranged, etc. They are most likely to be the first ones at the 0700 hrs meeting.


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