These 10 Lucky Single Mothers are going to spend Their Christmas In Malindi…And All their expenses have been paid for

When he makes promises, he pretty much keeps them. And when he goes out of his way to make a difference in the lives of women, especially the marginalized and the poor, Joe Kariuki has proven that he can be the most reliable tool of social change.
A few days ago, the multi-talented business star and music impresario decided to throw a gauntlet – asked single women all across the Country to join him for Christmas. And he wasn’t bluffing.
This was after he encountered a single mother of two named Susan Owuor who not only singlehandedly raises her two sons but also has adopted some other 28 young children whom she not only raises as her own but also lives with and caters for.
Susan, a woman with little the means and not much money, raises her huge brood by the sheer will of God and sporadic instances of help from kindhearted well-wishers.
Moved by her plight and touched by her remarkable kindness, Joe decided to not only buy her an entire Christmas gift bag but also invited all of the 28 homeless children she adopted into his office and gave them an early, thrilling Christmas too.
And to go with it, Joe actually decided to cast his net further and stretch the hand of kindness even further across the country.
Joe said.
The Christmas gift seems to have already arrived.
And the #NoOneEatsAlone social media campaign was born.
Now, ten women have already been handpicked to not only have the time of their lives but also have it with their kids as well.
Rhoda, a Bopit Kenya publicist says.
Here are the lucky girls who now have been sponsored for a fully-paid Christmas trip to Malindi. This is going to be one hell of a fun holiday!
Esther is a Nairobi-based beautician and small scale business woman. She’s also the mother of two boys, Tim and Jim and she lives in Kahawa Wendani. She plans to bring along her two precious boys for the trip.
Doreen sells car spare parts in Roysambu, Thika Road. She lives in Kasarani and lives with her four year old boy Precious who she considers her everything. Doreen has been living by herself for years now and raises her son alone as her baby daddy has been largely out of her life. Doreen also says that she’s not been to Mombasa before and can’t wait for the trip.
Mwende is current jobless and relies on her parents to educate her seven year old girl Mwende. A resident of Chogoria, Catherine is delighted that she will not only be in Mombasa this month but also be there with her girl who has always craved for a trip to the city of sand and beaches. “It’s a dream come true for my daughter” she says.
Martha bore Ada with her Nigerian boyfriend who has since been deported and cut all communication with her. She’s also currently dating a teacher but she’s yet to take things seriously with him. Martha herself is a primary school teacher as well and her son Ada schools in the same school she teaches at.
Betty a mother of two boys, lives in Kariobangi South and runs a small kiosk around the neighborhood. Betty didn’t initially have any Christmas plans and this surprise trip to the Coast has totally thrown her off her seat. “My kids are still in disbelief. It seems like a joke!”
Nancy, a city business woman who imports stuff from China has been raising her son Brandon alone for five years now. Even after suing her baby daddy, nothing has yet to come out of that. Nancy is excited to join her fellow single mothers to a trip to the Coast as one of them,Martha, is actually her friend and that makes the trip even more worthwhile.
Frida and Giselle, her two year old girl, are inseparable. After downloading the Bopit App, Frida made one of the most convincing reasons why she deserved the trip. And then she was shortlisted. “I did it for Giselle…” she says. Lucky girl!
Emily is the oldest of them and she can not be prouder. A farmer who lives in Thika and rears chicken and rabbits, Emily says that the trip to the Coast is the culmination of her best tear yet. A mother of four, Emily says she won’t be taking all her kids to the Coast though since some of them are big enough to be left home or go to their village.
Elizabeth and her two kids Lyla and Byron live in Umoja One. A secretary at a city law firm, Elizabeth has been more than blessed to not only take her Angel Lyla to the Coast this holiday but also do it free of charge. “I don’t know Joe but God bless him mightily! This is huge for us ” she says.
Rose has raised her two kids (a boy and a girl) alone ever since she bore them. For the same man who has since left her. A chips vendor in Kahawa West, Rose is overjoyed that the most precious time of the Year is being spent not just with her two precious rocks but also in a foreign city with everything catered for. It’s like a dream, she says.
Have a blast guys! To be eligible for more Bopit Kenya Christmas travel treats, download the Bopit App and follow isntructions.

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