Trinc Media Team Set To Paint The Town Red After They Got Bought Out By Radio Africa

Just today, we broke the exclusive news that one of Kenya’s first, if not THE first social media agency, Trinc Media, had some of their shares bought by Radio Africa(the company that owns KISS and Classic).

Well, as the story has developed, we have found out that the deal was actually a buyout of Trinc Media’s assets, key to which were the contracts they had signed with Kenya’s biggest celebs to manage their social media pages. However, Trinc Media was only a division in a larger company named Trinc Management, which will remain untouched by Radio Africa.

Nevertheless, this deal is set to make the Trinc founders rich young men, and they intend to celebrate their success in style. A quote from Stephen Musyoka, one of the Trinc Media founders:

“Tonight I raise my glass to Sebastian Wafula for putting up a great team 3 years ago which would work for a 5k job just to do it. To Evans Gikunda for his Geek-unda ways. To Maria Tajbhai Titus Maina and John Arum who pushed this ship to the next level. To Victor Mabwa and the rest of the team. To all those who have been part of this journey. To God. Asanteni. To the next one team, all hands on deck!”

Coincidentally, I was there to witness when this was all happening. Trinc and Ghafla! actually started at round about the same time, and we were both incubated by the tech incubator Nailab, who actually gave us free space in their office so we could get started off. Now Trinc is a successful startup from the Nailab, and Ghafla’s not so shabby either.

To all those involved: Mazel Tov!

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