Buvuma Islands woman MP threatens to undress before Parliament

Buvuma Islands woman MP Janepher Egunyu threatened to Undress before members of Parliament to show her disappointment of how UPDF soldiers are mistreating fishermen on the Island.

In the past we have seen women undress as a sign of rebellion and it seems to cause things to be sorted hastily just like Stella Nyanzi in the Makerere case.

The MP explained that the soldiers are constantly making it hard for her constituents to make a living on the lake.

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“These soldiers belong to you government people seated here. So you are the ones I should be tasking to do something about them. They are treating our people very badly and making it impossible for them to live. People are economically doing badly, which is very annoying and I don’t know what I should do to express my felt concern. In fact I can even undress so that you can know that we are dying of the pain,” Egunyu said amidst cheers from fellow parliamentarians.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has vowed to see to the matter as soon as possible.

Maybe we need more MPs making similar threats so we can get to middle income status soon.


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