”I would love to travel within you ” Apass tells Fabiola

Apass continues with his controversy as he comes at it again for TV personality Anita Fabiola . After captial FM presenter Flavia Tumusiime officially going off the shelf, singer Alexander Bagonza aka Apass seems to have moved onto his next fantasy.

Taking you way  back for the people who dont know were it all started

Singer APass  turned his guns to Anita Fabiola after being rejected by Flavia a long time ago. The singer in an old post asked Fabiola to kiss him and take him on.

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“When I said I loved #Flavia the whole of Uganda and neighboring countries felt it spiritually but did not understand it which is sad, some understood it but refused to acknowledge that they did which is not my problem. I said I loved her as an example and i later on asked a question in the same post, This question was the real deal but it was omitted in the minds of Many because of the first Love statement I made which was the juice bit to many. Some people came up with statements that i was wrong to say I loved her but if you come to think about it I was right to say I love her!!! The whole thing was a puzzle that many of you failed to figure out, but that’s not my problem. if I had posted any other person that you didn’t know maybe you would have answer my question. Why i apologized is something i will explain after 5 years. #GiveMeAkiss Anita Fabiola “ he posted on his Facebook.

He took to social media to express his burning desire to spend time with the succulent tourism ambassador, Anita Fabiola.
“It would be you without a second thought and my focus would be to travel within you and discover as many things as possible,”
The slim ‘Dididada’ singer stated in reply to Fabiola’s tweet where she was asking which celebrity someone would want to travel with.
He added, “Anita you of all people should know that my nickname is Christopher Columbus the navigator.”
This is not a new thing for Apass as he is known to lust over hot female celebrities; his last project being Capital FM’s Tumusiime

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