”Loving People Power Movement is not a crime ,”says IGP OCHOLA

Recently , any one found with a people power bellet is almost beaten to death and jailed. The current IGP Ochola has cleared the air by saying that people should embrace the people power fame as a normal thing , not as a crime.

Speaking earlier  yesterday 11th February at a workshop of senior police officers at the Police Senior Command and Staff College in Bwebajja , the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola has warned officers who still engage in acts of torture, saying anybody caught on the wrong side of the law shall be personally criminally liable for the pain imposed on the suspect. Additionally he has suggested that supporting singer-cum-politician Bobi Wine’s People Power movement isn’t a crime, and that people shouldn’t be tortured as a means of interrogation.

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Ochola questioned officers saying: “Is it an offence to belong to People Power?”

The IGP added that torture is not a technique of investigation.

According to Ochola, as long as he is still in office he will not tolerate such behavior, because he is focused on rebuilding and transforming the police force into a modern, professional, service-oriented, pro-people and effective institution.

We only hope its not a coverup

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