‘MUBS graduated Miss Uganda Abenakyo to avoid embarrassment ,Her degree was fake but she made the country Proud’ Professor Balunywa says

Juma Waswa Balunywa, the Principal of Makerere University Business School, has calm down the   pressure from the public and a petition to the National Council for High Education (NCHE) to admit that Quiin Abenakyo should not have graduated.

Prof. Balunywa while appearing on a local TV, he confessed that the reigning Miss World- Africa did not qualify for a degree because she had failed her Financial Management paper, and did not have time to retake it since she was running for Miss Uganda.

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Professor Balunywa adds on and further explains that   “She made the country proud. It was worthwhile that Ms. Abenakyo be supported to complete her degree. Otherwise we would have a problem as the country would be embarrassed. If this beauty queen was found to be wanting in academics in fact negative press which was expected would have been worse if she had not graduated.”

Balunywa further elaborated that Abenakyo got a retake just like many other of her course mates but she was unable to re-sit her exam in time, a matter she communicated to him about.

“Ms. Abenakyo had written earlier requesting that she be granted the opportunity to retake and given her achievements and the request it was only worthwhile that she is granted the request. She had informed me that in the coming eight (8) months, she had obligations with Miss Uganda and Miss World Organisation and would not be able to retake that paper soon.” Says Balunywa.

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