“Am making bags to feed my baby” Widowed music producer Tedd Josiah is quitting music industry

Tedd Josiah lost his wife Reginah Muthoni sometimes in October 2017. Reginah passed on after a short illness, she left behind a daughter who was only 3-months-old at the time of her death.

Tedd has been raising his daughter Jameela Wendo as a single parent, the legendary music producer has no intention of remarrying or even dating.

So far Tedd has been doing a great job raising his daughter, baby Jameela Wendo has grown big and she is now one year and four months old.

Music industry

Tedd Josiah is now focusing his energy on the production of African luxury leather bags. The legendary music producer owns a bag line dubbed Jokajok.

Tedd intents to quit producing music altogether, he talked about his plan in a lengthy post on social media;

1. NO THIS IS NOT A SIDE HUSTLE – am making bags to feed my baby & create jobs for able Kenyans.
2. MAMAS DREAM – 3 days before she passed on @reginahkatar announced she was going back into her fashion biz. She was a great designer and had an eye for style (Heck she chose me!??)
3. YES SHE MADE THEM – the jeans and the jacket were her designs i just suggested a little and she executed it like a solider.
4. TO GIVE UP MY JOB – Comes a time you just feel your purpose change and your direction shift. I had to give up a very good gig for this because my soul just spoke loudly and i couldn’t let the thought go.
5. YOUR DREAMS ARE VALID- if you know you’ve got a thing that you’ve wanted to do please don’t wait cause like i said Mama wanted to do this… she’s in heaven now & not able to do it. Don’t put things off too long, live in the present moment and do it!
6. YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT- to those who’ve bought from @jokajokleather THANK YOU ?? more than words thank you. You’ve put fed more than 10 families and helped keep a dream alive! Let’s make this into Kenya’s premier Luxury Designer brand known around the world. I know with your love your prayers and your physical support we can do it ?????
#RaisingJay #TheManMom

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