Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo spent millions on gender reveal to save relationship

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo spent millions on the gender reveal party in a bid to save their marriage and as can be expected things will end horribly because any man who has to lead with his wallet should not complain when he ends up with a gold digger.

The couple has been having a lot of problems within their marriage for the past few days and weeks so it baffles me why they decided that rather than take the time to fast deal with whatever issues they have they decided to Splash money on hiring a helicopter and a venue and a DJ and everything else that was involved in their gender reveal party.

Will Amber Ray & Rapudo’s Relationship Solidify After Their Gender Reveal?

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo remind me of the couples who are often told of Us warnings where you hear someone say that one shouldn’t just simply spend so much money on their wedding while forgetting that the marriage is what is important. You know how your mother has probably mentioned a couple that spent millions on their wedding, ended up saddled with debt, and broke up months later with the divorce quickly following?

Amber Ray


I’m not presuming to know what the couple has in terms of finances nor am I a pocket watcher (that’s not entirely true) but to go from fighting publicly on social media to expressing love for each other after millions have been spent his brother telling.

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If I were Kennedy Rapudo I’d be very concerned about my woman’s ability to follow me beyond the finances I have because the unfortunate truth is It’s beginning to sound like she does not have a burning genuine desire for him but rather for his resources. He has been speaking on social media as if he’s aware of this fact and it does not scare him but it really should.


Amber Ray might think that she wants his money and that is enough for them to sustain their relationship but what happens when she’s grown accustomed to that type of lifestyle? What happens after she’s accustomed to the glittering toilet seat?

Also, Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo need to be very careful to ensure that this very opulent celebration of their child to be should you turn into a point of resentment for either one of them in future.

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