Andrew Kibe is right about Kabi wa Jesus but…

Andrew Kibe has released a rather damning video in which he goes absolutely bananas on Kabi wa Jesus and while I agree with the premise of what he said, I do not agree with the entirety of his message. Let’s get right into it.

Andrew Kibe Weighs In On Kabi WaJesus Admitting To Fisting On His Cousins (Video)

Incase you missed it (although I cannot see how you’d miss it because it has been one of the biggest stories in entertainment news over the week but maybe you just landed from Somalia) allow me to recap what’s started so far:

Kabi wa Jesus

Kabi wa Jesus came out to confess that he did indeed used to sleep with his cousins but he went on to reveal that it was all down to the fact that they were taking advantage of him while he was a young boy. This in effect is an admission that he was being molested by his older relatives but his delivery was so messed up, that it led to a lot of confusion.

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It was news that this guy had slept with his cousin and the reason for me before I got born again is it was not an issue. She is not the first one I had slept with so many others.
So unajua yaani nikilala na mtu flani inahappen. Imagine a young child. Some of the relatives are at the age of 30. And I grew up in that and I know that if not all most of you know what happened last year. There was an incident of a cousin of mine coming out and saying we slept together and so many of you were like, ‘Eh yaani amelala na cousin yake?’ This man is bad.
They would molest me taking turns. I would be left by my parents then hao wasee come and molest me. Something happened between my parents and I had to go back to ushago and when I went again some of my relatives took turns molesting me.

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However, what I do agree with Andrew Kibe about is that these aren’t the type of things Kabi wa Jesus should have come out to publicly address. Think about it, what purpose does such a confession serve other than to vilify him further or make him the butt of ridicule and jokes?

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And even if he wanted to bring this topic up, he should have done so by first running it by people who could have helped him couch the message by wording it in a more appropriate way. Instead, we got treated to a buffoon’s interpretation of a sensitive topic.

It doesn’t matter whether or not he was talking about what happened to him, Kabi wa Jesus should have used a lot more tact. And why did he think this was a great topic to even tackle publicly? Was it supposed to make us view him as a victim of his circumstances and upbringing? In which clown world was this move anything but laughable?

Anyway, you win stupid prizes when you play stupid games and his prize is his continued ridicule online. Well, that and the fact that a lot of his own family members have probably ostracized him.

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