Andrew Kibe is right about Size 8 and her miracles

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Apparently, Andrew Kibe spoke sense (for the umpteenth time) and called out Size 8 for her miracle healings and whatever other nonsense Kenyan people of the cloth do to keep gullible Kenyan sheep supplying them with their hard-earned money in the form of tithes and offerings.

Size 8 Addresses Beef With Ringtone (Video)

The gospel singer cum pastor (or is it bishop) has responded to him, finally, and she says she forgives him yet she hasn’t answered the question I and a lot of logical and sane people have right at the tip of our tongues; where was she during Covid 19?

Preacher Size 8

Because let’s face it, Andrew Kibe is right in saying these miracles are convenient because when we as humanity were busy coming to grips with the pandemic, pastors, apostles and whatever else these charlatans call themselves were just as scared as we were and they too decided to lock themselves in their homes.

The Bible supports Andrew Kibe’s opinion of Pastor Size 8

Size 8 and her ilk should actually just walk into a hospital and start healing people if she wants us to buy her new spiritual power schpill. There, that’s the entirety of the article. Sio kutambia takataka ati about how she has forgiven us for doubting her or sijui Jesus will fight her battles for her. When the heroes were busy on the frontlines, we saw very clearly that these heroes were medical personnel. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical practitioners but not a single person of the cloth was to be seen.

And the last time we spoke about this, I also pointed out that the Bible itself is on Andrew Kibe’s side on the matter of not just false prophets and miracle workers but also on the matter of Size 8 not having any mandate to stand at the pulpit and preach to her congregation.

Don’t Address Men- Andrew Kibe Reacts To Size 8 Being Ordained As A Pastor

Andrew Kibe has shared what some feminists will doubtless call a hardline or even a fundamentalist stance on Size 8 being ordained as a minister in the church. He is not amused about the fact that she has been made a shepherd tasked with guiding souls to God and salvation and I have to say that regardless of what you feel, he is clearly on the right with regards to what the Bible itself says.

He has actually called out Size 8 because he knows she like all other female pastors will push the idea of prosperity gospel aside from pushing seriously flawed dogma. And the Bible itself backs up what he is asserting -I know, that sounds repetitive so let me simply push into specific Bible verses that state their support for Andrew Kibe’s stance:

1 Corinthians 14:34-35
1 Timothy 2:11-15

Size 8 when she was taken ill and needed a doctor to heal her

So perhaps before she responds to the claims she’s a charlatan miracle worker, she should first address what is in plain text for all to see in the good gospel.

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