Black Cinderella’s family has confirmed her demise

Image: Black Cinderella

The family of Maureen Imbayi, also known as ‘Black Cinderella’ and a former cast member of Nairobi Diaries, has confirmed her passing.

In a statement released on social media on April 24, the family expressed gratitude to her fans and well-wishers for their support during this challenging time.

According to the statement, Maureen Imbayi passed away in the late hours of Monday, April 22, 2024.


Socialite Black Cinderella mourning daughter

“We want to sincerely thank you for having stood firmly with The Black Cinderella during this challenging time, and it is with deepest regrets we wish to inform the public of her demise that occurred in the late hours of Monday 22 April 2024,” reads the statement.

The family revealed that she was rushed unconscious to the hospital, where medical professionals made every effort to resuscitate her, but unfortunately, their attempts were unsuccessful.

“Our beloved daughter was rushed unconscious to the hospital, and every effort was made to resuscitate her by a medical team but unfortunately was unsuccessful,” reads the statement.

In the wake of Maureen’s untimely death, the family has requested privacy as they navigate this difficult period.


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“The family, in accordance with hospital policy, will carry out the necessary procedures to determine the cause of death, and we ask that the privacy of The Black Cinderella’s Family be respected during this difficult time. We hope in the weeks to come, we will find an appropriate way to celebrate the life that THE BLACK CINDERELLA had with us, together with the significant contribution she has made to society,” reads the statement.

The writer attempted to contact the provided contact information in the statement, but unfortunately, there was no response at the time of publication.

The news has been received skeptically by many of her followers, who question the authenticity of her passing.

Some recall a previous incident where Black Cinderella allegedly faked her daughter’s death, leading to doubts about the credibility of this news.

Whether these suspicions hold any truth remains to be seen, as only time will reveal the reality of the situation.

If the socialite has indeed passed away as the family statement says, then these words on her Instagram account serve as her last message to the world.

In her message, she emphasized the importance of kindness towards others and lamented feeling misunderstood despite her efforts to make a positive impact.

She expressed a desire for peace and urged those facing struggles to seek solace, concluding with a reminder to always be compassionate.

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