Socialite Black Cinderella mourning daughter

Image: Black Cinderella

Black Cinderella became famous when she was constantly attacking her fellow socialite, Bridget Achieng when she exposed her for allegedly human trafficking and the two began fighting online to the point she even released a video of Achieng in a state of undress discussing her Johns.

Actress Black Cinderella Exposes Nairobi Diaries Producers For Hooking Up Actors With Politicians

It would seem tragedy has visited Black Cinderella as she went to social media to tell her fans not to speak to her about the tragedy surrounding her daughter. And she was also shocked that a video she had shared with the child’s father, her male best friend and her boss was leaked.

Black Cinderella seems to be grieving and in the midst of it, she attacked her God for allowing this pain to visit her. She claimed He had betrayed her. And while we wish her nothing but peace and acceptance, she also needs to learn to keep quiet about things she doesn’t want her fans discussing.

QUICK UPDATE: She was lying in her insinuations, the child is not dead but in the intensive care unit. And she is playing the victim claiming people are spreading false narratives -that she herself fed.

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