Cashy vs Khaligraph Jones: Is child support meant for the child or mother?

Image: Khaligraph Jones with ex, Cashy

Cashy Karimi, a rapper with one collaborative hit under her belt that she did with her ex-boyfriend, Khaligraph Jones has been rather vocal about her disdain for the rapper who was at one point in time not just her lover but benefactor aswell. The reason for this being the fact that when she fell pregnant, the Kayole born and bred MC distanced himself from both her and her child.

‘I’ll Never Give Him The Child’-Khaligraph Jone’s Baby Mama Cashy Karimi Speaks

Since then, she has yelled from the mountain tops, rooftops and wherever else that song mentions, trying to get the attention of not just Khali but his fans aswell to alert them to the fact that she considers him a deadbeat father.


Whether or not this has worked for cashy, one thing is certain, it did catch Khaligraph Jones’ attention and he decided to request a paternity test. the results weren’t brought up by him but rather by her which is very telling in and of itself but what happened next would shock many not native to the tribes of Western Kenyan and parts of the Rift Valley: he demanded his son.

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If you know a thing or two about the different ethnicities in Kenya, then you’re aware that Khaligraph Jones’ request isn’t strange. He is a Luo and the people of that tribe are patrilineal. The children are the fathers by right and often, when a dispute occasions a divorce or separation, the man of the house is left with his children. Curiously enough, Cashy Karimi is a Kikuyu which is a matrilineal community which believes all children belong to the mother. In essence, the two communities have a diametrically opposed.

Rapper Cashy

However, be that as it may be, the truth of the matter is that Khaligraph Jones is doing rather well for himself and has been raking in millions from his business and his craft. Cashy Karimi is a fresh graduate still finding her feet in the world. She has not established herself and both her and her son live off the providence of her father.

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There is nothing wrong with her case. However, she has been urging Khali to send her upkeep for her son. and that now raises the reason for this opinion piece; is child support supposed to help her or the child? because if we use logic and argue that it is meant to go for maintenance of the child and afford them a decent lifestyle, then the argument can be made for her to relinquish guardianship of her son over to his father as he has been requesting.

Miss Cashy with son, Xolani

Afterall, Khaligraph Jones can offer a more stable home for their child given that he is married (common-law) to Georgina Muteti. The couple already has two children of their own sop the eldest oh the MC’s kids won’t have to grow up alone -for the foreseeable future anyway.

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That way, Cashy’s demands will have been met and she will have acted in the best interest of their child. Infact, the Kenyan courts of law have already established precedence on the matter and so, if she really wants me to believe her argument that she wants what’s best for her son, why not give him over to his father? Unless ofcourse, the whole concept of child support that she’s touting is infact just to line her pockets?

Seriously though, I am eager to hear a counter to my opinion. But until then, she needs to stop playing the victim as if she were the first single mother involved in the victim Olympics. Call Khaligraph’s bluff and let’s take things from there.

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