Comedian Flaqo comes clean on homosexual rumors

Image: Comedian Flaqo comes clean on homosexual rumors

Popular comedian Flaqo Raz has opened up on his personal life, issues around his sexuality, dating and doing drugs.

The fast-rising comedian engaged fans in a Q&A online session where curious fans got the chance into Flaqos private life.

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The comedian who had been speculated to be dating Gengetone female rapper, Sylvia Saru aka Ssaru neither denied nor confirmed they are an item.

Further denying claims that he is on popular online dating site Tinder’ after a fan hinted they had recently spotted him in the app.

Flaqo warned his secret admirers against falling prey to individuals impersonating themselves using his name and that this is how people eventually get murdered.

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Before the big question came in with a fan bluntly asking him;

“Are you gay?…because you like wearing women clothes.

A question that nearly saw the comedian lose his temper on the fan, warning them;

“Never ever ask me this question again, it is too much.”

Comedian Flaqo

Flaqo clarified that his comedy life has nothing to do with who he personally is, and for any female character he plays, he leaves that on set.

“My female side is a character I leave it on set and behind cameras.”

This is after another fan asked whether Mama Otis is his mother in real life and Flaqo did not just know how to answer that especially since he plays multiple roles on set.

But told off a fan who tried implying he does drugs in a sarcastic reply saying;

The journey

However, Flaqo admitted to fans that growing up, he never thought comedy would be his route to take.

Admitting that during his campus days, he envisioned being a neurosurgeon and nothing like a comedian.

However, this is where he found himself, and is running with it.

During a previous interview, Flaqo said he conceptualized the idea of ‘Mama Otis’ while still in campus where he would create and share videos with his friends on WhatsApp.

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