Embarambamba said the music fine was cut from SH6 million to SH1 million

Gospel artist Christopher Mosioma, popularly known as Embarambamba, has revealed that the fine imposed on him by the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) for ‘indecent’ music has been reduced.

Initially, Embarambamba received a demand letter from the KFCB for non-compliance with the Films and Stage Play Act Cap 222 of the Laws of Kenya. The KFCB management notified him that he had violated Sections 4 (Part II) and 12 of Cap 222, which regulate the creation, broadcasting, possession, distribution, and exhibition of audio-visual content in Kenya.

On March 4th, the singer was fined Ksh 6.4 million and was summoned to the KFCB offices to discuss the content of his music, which was deemed inappropriate.

Taking to his social media on March 20th, Embarambamba announced that he had received a second demand letter, which reduced the fine imposed on him.

Expressing his struggles, he stated, “They say they have given me two months to pay for the license of my songs I have sung.”

Embarambamba appealed to Kenyans to contribute and assist him in paying the fine, explaining the challenges he is facing. He mentioned, “Kenyans, even where I have reached, I can be confused. Because even sleep has been elusive. Since I saw the 6.4 million, now they have reduced it and said I should pay 1.38 something towards it. I should pay for the license of my songs I have sung so that I can continue with my singing.”

He further pleaded, “I know Kenyans, please, I may be confused now, I don’t know how you will help me Governors, Senators, MCAs, members, and all those who have been blessed in this Kenyan world. Please, I don’t know how you will help me so that I can continue with this singing. Because I am confused, and I have not had any sleep.”

In the initial demand letter, Embarambamba was instructed to delete all his music videos, obtain a new filming license, and submit his videos for evaluation.

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