“Everything I did, I did for my son” Chokoza hitmaker addresses claims of working at Nairobi brothel

Singer Marya says her life changed completely after getting involved with her ex husband, Kevin who doubles up as her 4 year old son’s father.

From what we know is that Marya was said to have snatched kevin from one of Sonko’s relatives knowing very well that he was a married man. However at the time, this didn’t seem like a big deal to her because – I mean the man chose her and was even ready parade her on social media; So why is she to blame for his wrecked marriage?

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Marya with ex, Kevo

Fast forward…barely 5 months into her pregnancy and Marya now confesses that her relationship with Kevo was already failing. Just like most couples they found a way to work on their marriage which lasted 3 years before they called it quits for good.

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Jobless single and struggling mum

Having come back home from Dubai where she had been working and living with Kevo – Marya says everything changed. She had no job or money to sustain both her and son – meaning she was either going to borrow around; or end up doing something distasteful just to make sure her son gets a good life.

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Well – with Marya wiling to do anything, she eventually got catch up with a group of women she now describes as ‘bad company.’ This is apparently because they sold their bodies for quick money. Well, I won’t call it easy because weeuh…imagine having to sell your body for rent, school fees and house bills – how many clients would that be?

Anyway like they say show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are – Marya ended up working the same job as these women; that’s according to Obare’s exposè – but Marya insists the stories were untrue. However speaking on a recent interview with Mungai Eve, Marya made it known that although she has been accused of working at a brothel; all she wants people to know is that everything she did was for her son.

She said;

All I can say is everything I did, I did for the sake of my son. That’s all I can say. Maybe people will never understand it, some can understand, some can’t. But there’s a level you can get to and all you want is to see your child happy and that’s how I found myself associated with these women who later ruined my name.

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