Gotta love her guts: Why you can’t help but love Amberay

Image: Amberay is not a bastion of intelligence

Amberay has been the focus of alot of societal ire over the past few days with a lot of people attacking her for source of income and her unrepentance over dating married men (is that what we call being a mistress?) and potentially ruining homes and wrecking marriages.


What is, however, hilarious is the fact that people who call her out and try to be nasty get met with an unfazed and blase response from someone who is not ashamed of her choices. Whether or not you agree with Amberay, it is safe to say she doesn’t care nor does she spend sleepless nights trying to come to terms with what society thinks.

Amberay in a seductive “none clothes” outfit

You see, Amberay has gotten the brunt of some of the most disgusting insults and diatribe from women whose husbands have cheated or who were left high and dry when their partners decided to go with “the other woman”. As a result of this hurt, they focus the brunt of their disgust and hurt at her. Alot of women are trying to punish her in the stead of that one woman who lured their husbands away. And so they focus the worst and most venomous of their attacks on little (she is borderline fat actually) Amberay.

The only 2 ways socialites like Amberay and Huddah can afford their lifestyle

And none of this fazes her. If anything, she has come to accept who she is and you cannot use the fact that she has decided to use her body to attract rich men whom she then uses them to pay her rent and all other sorts of nonsense (if the internet is to be believed). Anyway, Amberay is a breath of fresh air in the world of socialites, slay queens and actual normal girls who satisfy their hypergamy.

Amber Ray’s new man

You see, in my view, she is no different from Huddah and Vera Sidika (only that she didn’t abort her mistake) and she doesn’t gallivant the globe seeking out different men. She isn’t that much different from your run of the mill socialites who seek out wealthy/ rich married men but she has the intelligence to maintain them. She has the intelligence to understand what these men are looking for and keep them enthralled to her beauty and her thunder thighs. And she is very typical of Kenyan girls and women who seek out men who satisfy their hypergamous need. Amberay even goes as far as to thank God for the ability granted her to know what these men need, meet the right ones and then keep them for some time as they clear her bills (probably not all of her bills but you get my point).

Why everyone mocking Amber Ray is a fool and a clown

But as I said at the end of the day you should find it hard to hate on her because she isn’t a hypocrite. She is who she is and makes no excuses for that fact. Amberay is simply a case of “what you see is what you get”. this in and of itself is kind of endearing when you think about it. Plus ladies, at least you know if your husband drives a Prado or some other SUV and her name pops up in his text messages, you need to tighten up and hit the gym.


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