Harmonize Drops Final Album Dedicated To Tanzanian President

Tanzanian singer Harmonize is set to release his fifth and final studio album, “Mziki Wa Samia,” on Saturday, May 25th. The album holds a special significance as it’s dedicated to the Tanzanian president, Samia Suluhu Hassan.

“This album is dedicated to her because she is a remarkable woman,” Harmonize stated.

This announcement comes with a surprising twist – Harmonize declares “Mziki Wa Samia” to be his final musical project. He elaborated with,

“This is officially the end of my music career. I’ve poured my heart and soul into music for as long as I can sing.”

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This news follows a period of online turmoil for Harmonize, where he expressed frustration with industry negativity. In a translated Instagram story, he stated,

“Despite my hard work and significant contributions, I feel overwhelmed by the constant hate.” He concluded, “I’m exhausted. I’m leaving music to them.”

Harmonize previously hinted at a career shift towards boxing after a physical altercation with a Tanzanian boxer went viral. He apologized for the incident, explaining he underestimated the seriousness of the situation and reacted impulsively to insults aimed at his family.

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While his boxing aspirations remain unclear, Harmonize’s dedication to music seems to have reached its conclusion. “Mziki Wa Samia” promises to be a heartfelt farewell, dedicated to the Tanzanian president and a culmination of his musical journey.

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