How Willy Paul ruins his brand

Image: Willy Paul dishes out notes of cash under heavy security in Mathare (Video)

Willy Paul is one of the biggest stars in Kenya. That isn’t a statement open to debate nor is it a question, he is truly a premier talent and he does deserve all the success he is currently enjoying because of the amount of effort he put into his craft.

“Tafta size yako” Jovial dismisses Willy Paul after singer confessed undying love for her

He literally clawed his way out of one of Kenya’s most dangerous slums to become one of the most successful celebrities we have -both in terms of musical success aswell as financially.

However, have you ever wondered why we do not have many companies clamouring to work with him or have him as their brand ambassador? It isn’t because Willy Paul isn’t influential and it isn’t because he doesn’t have a large audience, no, this vote of no-confidence in him is because of some of the blundering statements and idiotic situations he puts himself into either with irresponsible utterances or due to allegations levelled against him.

‘Nikikupata Nakukula Kama Ugali’-Willy Paul Thirsts Over Musician Jovial, She Responds (Screenshot)

His recent exchange with singer jovial is something that jumps to mind as an example of this precise problem. What I mean is that Willy Paul recently started hitting on her in the comment section of her social media account and she later responded to shut him down. Interestingly he responded and told her he would still have his way regardless.

Alot of people online claim they are generating some fake drama for a song they have that is coming out but even if that’s the case, then this is one of the dumbest publicity stunts in the history of publicity stunts.

‘Do I Look Like A R*pist?’ Willy Paul Cries Foul Following Allegations Made Against Him (Video)

Willy Paul is an artist who has been called out for being a creep in the past. Actually, it’s worse than that as he has been accused of being the type of man to have his way with women regardless of whether or not they consent. So why would he choose to market a song by skirting these allegations? This is a short-sighted move on his part because the next time an allegation is shot his way, he will have given his accusers more ammo to fir his way.

Now, incase you do not know anything about the marketing world in Kenya, it is controlled by women and they are largely members of the feminist cult. Things such as these aren’t taken lightly by them and this is why they refuse to touch Willy Paul. Look at his peer Otile Brown for a parallel. He used to also be radioactive to most brands (or rather brand managers). However, he systematically rehabilitated his image. The first thing he did was to only share positive vibes on his social media account. He used his ex-girlfriend for this. He sold Kenyan women on the dream of finding and saving a bad boy.

Willy Paul seeks help from the DCI following Diana Marua’s rape attempt accusations

And he didn’t even have to do so for long because he just needed to look like he was committed to his lady. That relationship died quickly. But not the benefits. As a result, he is currently considered a hot commodity by most brands.

Why does Willy Paul enjoy playing stupid games? Why would you make even a joke about something inappropriate that ties into previous allegations levelled against you? It’s madness! Doesn’t he know the saying that when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes? He needs to actually start his redemption arch. While he is still making a lot of money off his art, imagine how much he is leaving on the table simply because he wants to continue being the scoundrel.

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