In Amber Ray’s shadow: Jimal Roho Safi is a fool if he thinks we will pity him

Jinal Roho Safi is busy whining and complaining about the lessons he learnt after his ill-fated dalliance with “Nairobi girls” left him devastated and even brought an end to his marriage to Amira.

Somehow, we are supposed to grow a sympathy bone that is sensitive to him getting his just deserts after everyone warned him about how this ill-advised love affair went once it had run its course.

And that right there is the reason why the only thing he deserves from us is our mocking him. Jimal Roho Safi is a man who grew up in harsh conditions. He is a businessman who was able to build his empire by being shrewd so how is it he knows nothing about the nature of women and how men relate with them? How is it he was played like a fiddle?

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To find answers to that question, he has to start by looking within. He needs to do a lot of introspection to find out why he is the type of man who willingly left a happy home and chased after a heaux. He needs to ask himself why he is the type of man who attracted a heaux, to begin with. A succubus will not go for a wholesome man. And I am not referring to his penchant for polygamy but rather the nature of the woman who chases after him.

From there, the next question he needs to ask himself is why he was so easy to manipulate. You see, the lower an individual’s iQ, the easier it is for them to be manipulated. And Jimal Roho Safi was played like a fiddle by Amber Ray. Nah, I don’t think you understand just how much of a fool he seemed to anyone with more than just two brain cells to rub together. He was played till he left his wife and children and was staying at her house while Amber Ray would routinely insult Amira. And this fool was comfortable all as this played out. How?!

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Finally, Jimal Roho Safi needs to look at his friends and inner circle. None of them thought to step in and warn him against actually getting involved with heaux? That is hilarious. Or it could mean his friends aren’t yes-men, he just doesn’t respect them enough to actually listen and pay attention to their advice.

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Now, do you understand why Jimal only deserves to be mocked? How does a 30-year-old man get toyed in such a ruinous fashion? He needs to stop bitching about what he caused on his family on social media and seek proper mentors.

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