Kamene Goro proves once again that Kenyan celebrities give terrible advice

Kamene Goro is back to dolling out horrible, deleterious advice like lollipops. And we really do need to start holding these celebrities accountable for what they peddle under the guise of advice.

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She either takes to her social media accounts or does so during her breakfast show where she has a segment that involves her giving “baby gurl” some BS advice that is bound to lead any young lady listening to her astray and I am here to explain exactly what I mean.

Kamene Goro

“Baby girl I want you to get into the habit of picking YOU and as opposed to doing what you are supposed to do, how about doing what YOU want to do. “

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This is horrible advice as it teaches Kamene Goro her fans that accountability and consequences aren’t something to factor into your decisions. The idea of “picking you” flies in the face of delayed gratification and making sacrifices. A more sound piece of advice is that “baby gurl” should learn to weigh her decisions carefully.

Kamene Goror-IG

This whole do what you want to do is the type of advice that has saddled an entire generation with crazy consumer debt and useless degrees. It has made a generation of people completely solipsistic and unable to think rationally.

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The truth is, what Kamene Goro is doing is trying to infantilize her audience. Well, either that or she is actively selling snake oil just to make a buck and damn consequences. When a person wants to succeed, one of the greatest indicators of whether or not they will succeed is whether or not they can delay gratification. Why? Because that is a by-product of discipline.

Kamene Goro opens up about her body size
Babe By Kamene: “There’s no SI unit for beauty. There’s no perfect body. You are perfect just the way you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”
How about us taking this conversation to the realm of science and facts? Being fat is not good for your health. And anyone who celebrates the fact that they are overweight or tries to make it a virtue signalling spectacle to show how little they understand the concept of “body positivity”.
Kamene Goro showing off
Kamene Goro is deceiving her audience into believing that anyone who highlights their health is a hater or is trying to denigrate them yet 2020 taught us that obesity is a killer. Yes it did because Covid is something that ravaged overweight populations.
Perhaps I am reading too deep into everything or perhaps I am just tired of hearing my sister spout nonsense that is championed by the celebrities she follows on social media. And we need to hold them accountable for the horrible advice they give.
Curvy babe, Kamene Goro
I will end this one on a note my mentor told me just today: Never take advice from someone whose life you do not envy.
And as I told my sister, a woman who has been bedded by over 27 men, a woman who was already divorced before the age of 30, a woman who cannot be honest with herself and her fans is not someone to idolize.
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