Kennedy Rapudo is about to become an example for all Kenyan men

Kennedy Rapudo has gone to introduce himself to his woman, Amber ray’s parents. The introductions were done and announced by his soon-to-be sister-in-law and he is over the moon as he has managed to land the woman of his dreams.

How long will Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo’s relationship last?

The thing is though, he is going to be a warning for all Kenyan men the world over as we are about to be treated to one of the most epic examples of how having a Disney mindset is terrible for men.

Socialite Amber Ray with Kennedy

You see, Kennedy Rapudo has done something that no man should ever do, he is attempting to make an honest woman out of a trollop. And this is something two men have failed previously.

Kennedy Rapudo speaks after meeting his girlfriend’s parents

I am sure he is telling himself he is not like Amber Ray’s exes. Sure, he is feeling confident and he has every reason to be. He is not Jimal Roho Safi who is always crying on social media. He has more self-control than that. And he is not Zaheer Jhanda, he isn’t married and Amber Ray hasn’t gone to see a witch doctor about him.

Amber Ray

Kennedy Rapudo though is making the exact same mistakes they did. What mistakes I hear you ask? Well, for starters, he hasn’t taken his woman to see a counsellor. Let’s face it, Amber Ray has damaged her ability to pair bond. She has had so many men and failed relationships that this has obviously taken a toll on her.

Amber Ray’s Ex Kennedy Rapudo Discloses What Led To Their Break-Up (Screenshot)

What of the fact that she is constantly sexualizing herself on social media? That is often a sign that a woman is signalling her sexual availability but could also hint at low self esteem as Amber Ray, Kennedy Rapudo’s wife-to-be, could be masking some self-esteem issues –although admittedly, the only scientific research data I could find was pertaining to adolescents.

Amber Ray

Kennedy Rapudo is clearly not familiar with the saying that Caesar’s wife must be above reproach. And posting thirst traps is actually a breach of what monogamy demands; sexual exclusivity.

We were right about Amber Ray and her newly minted ex, Kennedy Rapudo

And just like Jimal before him who thought he’d found a wife, Kennedy Rapudo is about to find out that this is not the case. But no one at the moment can force him to accept this truth. He is turning a blind eye to the fact that she is a single mother. Perhaps this is buoyed by the fact her son already has one foot out the door. But if he wishes to start a family of his own, this is not a great omen.

And all we can do is stand aside and watch… And learn. For who are we but bystanders captivated by a morbid curiosity?

Ken Rapudo is trying to make a wife of Amber Ray

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